Gait well drop foot AFO - stroke

  • Indications :  For patients with foot drop and ankle inversion.

  • Can't stand the the unsightly walking posture caused by foot drop and ankle inversion?
  • Dislike how bulky and heavy traditional foot drop braces are?
  • Gait Well drop foot AFO is the world's lightest foot drop brace, designed to improve foot drop and ankle inversion, enabling you to walk faster, better, and more naturally.

  • To ensure you get the most suitable professional medical assistive device, we insist on evaluation before purchase.
  • Contact us immediately through our official WhatsApp for an assessment by a professional therapist and to obtain a discounted price.

  • BALDUR offers a product warranty or guarantee.
  • Should the product malfunction under normal usage and is identified as a product defect within the warranty period, BALDUR is responsible for the repair. The customer will not bear any labor costs or fees for parts replacement.
  • The warranty only covers the product itself. Consumables, packaging, and accessories are not covered under the warranty.
  • Material: Nylon (high-temperature thermoplastic / molding temperature over 160 degrees Celsius), Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) polymer, Lycra, polyester fiber, elastic fiber, stainless steel.


Improve foot drop, increase walking speed, and restore your freedom of movement.


Thoughtfully designed to meet all your needs.


Focused on details to serve you better.

Extended Coverage

Provides more coverage for the calf, effectively supporting even foot drop with high muscle tone.

Smallest Volume, Best Functionality

Lighter than any other foot drop brace on the market, yet most effective in preventing foot drop and foot rotation.

Patented Ankle Spring

The secret to walking faster, better, and more naturally.

Breathable Padding

Special sweat-wicking fabric keeps you dry at all times; detachable and washable, preventing odors.


Which Gait Well drop foot AFO is suitable for me?


  • Wearing a foot drop brace is to help you walk faster, better, and more steadily.
  • However, not all foot drop conditions are the same; some people have weak, floppy feet, while others have strong muscle tone and foot inversion, even curling their toes.
  • BALDUR offers a variety of foot drop braces to choose from, with models available for those with mild conditions that offer good mobility and those with severe conditions that offer high stability.
  • If you're still unsure which Gait Well drop foot AFO is best for you, please to contact us through BALDUR WhatsApp. A professional therapist will assess your situation and personally select the most suitable assistive device for you.

Stroke SE

Basic functionality, affordable price

Suitable for patients with lower muscle tone and lower activity levels.



More coverage, improves foot drop

Increases comprehensive coverage on the calf and footplate, suitable for foot drop patients who need to walk for long periods.



Stroke plus

Enhanced support, best stability

Strengthens support for the footplate and calf, making it comfortable for patients with high tension and toe curling to walk.



▌Feature Comparison ▌

Feature Stroke SE Stroke Stroke plus Function
Slim Design Can be worn directly inside shoes without needing a larger size.
Breathable Padding Special sweat-wicking fabric, detachable and washable, preventing odors.
Dynamic Joint Maintains ankle movement for a more natural walk.
High-Strength Composite Material Highly durable and resistant to damage.
One-Hand Quick Buckle   Easier to wear with one hand.
Energy-Saving Ankle Spring   Makes walking easier, steadier, and longer.
Enhanced Support     Extends support to the sole and calf, making it comfortable for patients with toe curling and higher tension to walk.