Luxury Night Splint

  • Indications: Long-term bedridden individuals.

  • Worried about the deformation of foot drop in the lower limbs due to long-term bed rest, leading to future walking difficulties?
  • The BALDUR adjustable night-time foot drop brace is the most comfortable and prevent foot drop assistive device, allowing you to keep your lower limbs in the most appropriate position.

  • To ensure you get the most suitable professional medical assistive device, we insist on evaluation before purchase.
  • Contact us immediately through our official WhatsApp for an assessment by a professional therapist and to obtain a discounted price.

  • BALDUR offers a product warranty or guarantee.
  • Should the product malfunction under normal usage and is identified as a product defect within the warranty period, BALDUR is responsible for the repair. The customer will not bear any labor costs or fees for parts replacement.
  • The warranty only covers the product itself. Consumables, packaging, and accessories are not covered under the warranty.



Stretching and positioning should not only be done during the day but also at night.



Thoughtfully designed to meet all your needs.


Focused on details to serve you better.

Ventilated Hollow Shell

Balances coverage and breathability, keeping it dry and not stuffy.

Patented Rotating Support

Provides ultra-stable support, not only controlling foot drop but also preventing external rotation of the hip joint.

Prevent bedsores

The shell avoids the most protruding parts of the bones, conforms to the body's curves, minimizing the risk of pressure sores.

Velvet Lining

Anti-mite, antimicrobial, soft, comfortable, and sweat-absorbent.

Why use a night-time foot drop brace?

For long-term bedridden patients, without maintaining appropriate positioning, foot drop worsens 24 hours a day.
At night, as people sleep, their muscles are in a state of low tone, making the effects of stretching and positioning even better.