• Indications: For patients with low muscle tone who cannot actively open their hands.

  • Left the therapy room and don't know what rehab exercises to do at home?
  • The iOpenDynamicMini is a dynamic hand orthosis suitable for patients to train their hand function at home. With this device, even if you're alone, you can train your hand.

  • To ensure you get the most suitable professional medical assistive device, we insist on evaluation before purchase.
  • Contact us immediately through our official WhatsApp for an assessment by a professional therapist and to obtain a discounted price.

  • BALDUR offers a product warranty or guarantee.
  • Should the product malfunction under normal usage and is identified as a product defect within the warranty period, BALDUR is responsible for the repair. The customer will not bear any labor costs or fees for parts replacement.
  • The warranty only covers the product itself. Consumables, packaging, and accessories are not covered under the warranty.


Allow your affected hand to participate more in daily life.



Thoughtfully designed to meet all your needs.


Focused on details to serve you better.

Adjustable Wrist Joint

Your wrist won't droop anymore, allowing you to grip tighter, better, and more steadily.

Elastic Wiring

Helps your fingers open faster, better, and more naturally.

Quick-lock Straps

You can put it on and take it off single-handedly, no need to rely on others.

Breathable Finger Sleeves

Not only comfortable, but lets you truly feel the sensation of gripping objects.


Which iOpen robotic hand model is suitable for me?


  • The iOpen robotic hand series is specially designed for hand rehabilitation.
  • The focus of training varies with different symptoms and stages of recovery, so choosing the most suitable robotic hand is crucial to achieve the best training results.
  • To ensure every customer gets the assistive device that best suits their needs, BALDUR offers a variety of robotic hands to choose from. Models with higher flexibility are available for those with mild conditions, while those with severe conditions might opt for models with higher stability.
  • If you're still unsure which model is best for you, please make sure to contact us through the official BALDUR WhatsApp . We will have a professional therapist assess your situation and personally select the most suitable assistive device for you.


Keeps Your Hand Open for Safe, Comfortable Positioning

Suitable for those with limp hands, low strength, and no muscle tension. Simple and easy to use, static or mobile - for resting positions, grip training, this device does it all.



Maintains the hand in an open position for safe and comfortable stretching.

Suitable for those whose hand muscles have become stiff, making even passive exercises with the help of others very difficult. It can provide comfortable and prolonged stretching. It is recommended to wear it for 3 to 8 hours a day for the highest benefit.



The lightest, smallest,
and most flexible

Designed for those with less hand tension who have learned to relax their fingers, this device is used for extensive hand training in daily life. It's lightweight, convenient, and easy to put on and take off, allowing for serious rehabilitation even when on one's own.


What kind of patients need the iOpenDynamicMini?
-     Patients who can grip lightly: If you have low muscle tone but your hand movements are still not agile, and your fingers can't move independently, the iOpenDynamicMini can provide the appropriate tension for each finger to either assist or resist specific finger movements. This allows you to train independent finger motion.
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