Air Shield Walking Boot

  • Function: Provides stable ankle support, protects nearby tissues of the ankle, and offers the necessary angle for stretching and positioning.
    • For injuries above the ankle, a 17-inch long tube is suitable.
    • For injuries below the ankle, a 14-inch short tube is applicable.

  • Are you tired of the suffocating and smelly experience of wearing plaster casts, afraid of slipping due to the lack of anti-slip soles, and feeling insecure with lightweight braces?
  • BALDUR's ankle brace is not only safe and comfortable but also easy to dismantle and wash, with a special anti-slip design on the sole, allowing you to start weight-bearing walking as soon as possible.

  • To ensure you get the most suitable professional medical assistive device, we insist on evaluation before purchase.
  • Contact us immediately through our official WhatsApp for an assessment by a professional therapist and to obtain a discounted price.

  • BALDUR offers a product warranty or guarantee.
  • Should the product malfunction under normal usage and is identified as a product defect within the warranty period, BALDUR is responsible for the repair. The customer will not bear any labor costs or fees for parts replacement.
  • The warranty only covers the product itself. Consumables, packaging, and accessories are not covered under the warranty.



No more heavy, suffocating, unbearable itching. 

Free yourself from the pain and inconvenience of wearing a plaster cast.



Thoughtfully designed to meet all your needs.


Focused on details to serve you better.

Wide and sturdy anti-slip sole

Provides stability and a natural gait swing, allowing you to start weight-bearing walking soon after surgery.

Ultra-thick padding

Offers safe coverage, antimicrobial and anti-mite properties, soft, comfortable, and sweat-absorbent.

Adjustable Airbag

Inflate the hidden airbag with a few presses for easy adjustment of fit snugness, providing the safest and most comfortable protection.

Ventilated Hollow Shell

Balances coverage and breathability, keeping it dry and not stuffy.

How to choose my size? 
Refer to the size chart on the product webpage or visit our trial locations for fitting.
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